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Family Planning

The birth control option you select is determined by several factors, such as your well-being, frequency of sexual activity, and whether parenthood is desired or not.

Below are a few inquiries to keep in mind when deciding on a family control option and Dr. Manal Younis would discuss with you:


How well does the method prevent pregnancy?


How do you personally feel about getting pregnant? Would an unexpected pregnancy cause a you or your partner to face difficulties or anxiety? Alternatively, would you welcome a pregnancy that happened sooner than anticipated?


How much does a method of birth control cost? Does your insurance plan pay for it?


Is your partner willing to accept and use a given method of birth control?


Do you want a method that you only need to use when you have sex? Or do you want something that is in place and always working?

Dr. Manal Younis offers comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential sexual and reproductive health services

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