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My utmost goal is to assist my customers in achieving their ideal looks. I take great pride in presenting a variety of procedures, which include anti-aging treatments or non-invasive enhancements that elevate your appearance and empower you at the same time.
Medical Aesthetics
Aesthetic Consultations Fees 50 Euros

Dr Manal Younis

Dr Manal Younis is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist In Tipperary University Hospital and Cork University Maternity Hospital with a special interest in fertility. Recognizing the importance of holistically treating a woman, Dr Manal developed an interest in Advanced Medical Aesthetics since 2008. Dr Manal was one of the first doctors in The Middle East to incorporate medical aesthetics into gynecology and helped establish and train doctors in various aesthetic clinics. Dr Manal is the first doctor in Ireland to perform intimate fillers from Vivacy.

Her sound knowledge of medical anatomy and the wide and fast-developing global market of medical aesthetics make her the go-to person for safe and effective medical aesthetics.

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Always in Contact

Dr. Manal maintains ongoing connections with her clients, ensuring that she remains in contact even after they have completed their treatment plans. This enables her to provide post-treatment support and guidance on maintaining a lifestyle that will help them achieve the results they desire in the long run.

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Dr. Manal’s primary goal is to merge top expertise in aesthetic medicine, skin rejuvenation, and clinical skincare to offer a comprehensive experience that prioritizes ease, confidentiality, and attentiveness. Tailored treatments of the highest standards are available for personalized treatment plans resulting in a radiant and revitalized appearance.