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a combination of  Micro-needling skin booster and Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) treatments 3 in 1 

Unveil Your Radiance with Purasomes

Dr. Manal is dedicated to bringing you the latest advancements in skincare and hair care to help you achieve glowing, youthful skin and hair. Introducing Purasomes – a revolutionary line of skincare & haircare products that harness the power of nature to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and hair.

What Are Purasomes?

Purasomes are special patented formulas that help with anti-aging, making your skin glow, and restoring your hair. They contain organic colostrum-derived exosomes, growth factors, and other active elements. These ingredients work together to boost your body’s natural healing process and improve your cells’ performance to make them act more like they did when you were younger.


Purasomes have a special formula called NC150+ that kickstarts a powerful healing process in your skin. This process boosts collagen production and creates fibroblasts in the deeper layers of your skin, which are essential for new cell growth. This makes your skin stronger, firmer, and more elastic.

Additionally, Purasomes contain 20 Growth Factors, which are derived from a natural source rich in these elements. These Growth Factors help stimulate angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels. This is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and its functions.

By promoting angiogenesis, Purasomes help remodel the skin and create new cells with better blood flow. This speeds up the healing process for skin damage caused by aging.

Purasomes Nutri Complex is an ideal option for those experiencing age-related skin changes and prefer natural, non-surgical treatments.





Purasomes work wonders on mature, dry, stressed, and skin damaged by time or the sun. They supercharge your cells, fixing even the deepest layers of your skin. This helps make more collagen, keeping your skin firm and elastic.

These products deeply feed and renew your skin, getting in deep with their powerful ingredients. They help grow new blood vessels and tissue, promoting better skin health. Using Purasomes determines the quality of your new skin. They build a strong, long-lasting framework for your skin, giving it a defined shape and making it firmer.


Effectively targets mature, dry, stressed, and skin damaged by time or the sun by significantly enhancing cellular function.

A robust formulation, comprising:

  • 20 billion organic colostrum derived exosomes
  • 20 functional growth factors
  • PDRN
  • polynucleotides
  • 75 mg of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
  • 75 mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
  • 10 vitamins
  • 6 co enzymes
  • 23 amino acids


Restoring a flawless skin appearance.

PURASOMES SGC100+ Complex boosts your skin’s vitality and helps create a radiant, flawless complexion.

The Skin Glow Complex has 20 billion natural colostrum exosomes and 20 functional factors. These help renew cells, speed up blood vessel growth, aid in skin healing, and reduce inflammation, which can make skin look older.

With Lumina granatum seed stem cells and concentrated vitamin C, your skin’s overall tone improves, and age spots and pigmentation decrease, leaving your skin glowing evenly.

Purasomes SGC 100+ contains special combinations of ingredients that are kind to your skin, making it brighter and packed with antioxidants to rebuild a flawless complexion.

Plus, with 50 mg of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, your skin stays hydrated and moisturized.

Growth factors and peptides in the mix act as strong antioxidants and build a tough, long-lasting protective layer for your skin.




Melanosynthesis and melanotransportation are targeted to reduce pigment formation and decrease melanophillin production. This revitalizes the skin, enhancing its brightness and radiance while also preventing damage from free radicals. Additionally, it creates a durable protective barrier and provides a potent antioxidant effect against sun radiation.


Made with pomegranate stem cells picked when they’re ripest to control skin pigmentation and make antioxidants for the best whitening results.

A robust formulation, comprising:

  • 20 billion Exosomes
  • 200 mg Growth Factors
  • 50mg HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)
  • 50mg LMW HA (80-100kDA)
  • Amino acids
  • Concentrated Stable Vitamin C derivative
  • 3 Antioxidant
  • Patented peptide that possesses fast dermal penetration feature

Purasomes HSC50+

Purasomes HSC50+ is a strong formula for rescuing hair, made to get your hair back on track by fixing the hair roots and getting them working normally again. This is all thanks to exosomes and growth factors that can make skin cells act like they should.

The exosomes carry signals that make your scalp healthier, fight inflammation, and wake up hair follicles that aren’t growing anymore.

With 20 billion exosomes, 20 growth factors, stem cells from curcuma longa, and a special peptide mix, this formula stops hair from falling out and creates the perfect conditions for healthier, thicker hair to grow.

Plus, with 25 mg of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, your hair and scalp stay moisturized, keeping the moisture locked in.





Strengthens dermal papilla to prevent hair loss, restructuring and reinforcing hair while remodeling the follicle’s environment. This restores hair growth synchrony, regulates formation and growth cycles, and determines the quality of new, healthy, hydrated hair for a stronger, denser, and thicker appearance.


Enhanced by AMPLEX Technology along with the concentrated secretome of potent Curcuma Longa rhizome cells.

A robust formulation, comprising:

  • 200 mg of 20 Growth Factor
  • 20 billion Exosomes
  • 25mg HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)
  • 25mg LMW HA (80-100kDA)
  • 7 peptides
  • 8 Vitamins

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